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Shekinah Systems is an Internet Service and Technical Training firm which specialize in Web Development, Electronic Commerce and Technical Training solutions for its corporate and association clients since 1986. With over 20 years experience with Fortune 100 companies and smaller firms, such as JP Morgan, Chase Securities and AT&T, includes software development on mainframes, minis and personal computers,using COBOL, DB2, SQL, SAS, MS-Access, on Unix, and Windows 2000 platforms. Additionally, we have extensive network administration experience with Lotus Notes and Novell as well as defining system requirements and acquiring very competitively priced systems from vendors.


Our technical training service, emphasize hands-on learning by doing with practical instructions you can use immediately. We possess real-world expertise and the ability to communicate our knowledge and skills effectively.

Shekinah's vision is to empower people by providing great services - any time, and any place in order to meet our customers needs. We develop a solid foundation for your Internet needs, ultimately executing a successful project that will exceed your expectations. We combine technology and creativity to enhance your company's market potential, propelling you successfully in the 21st century.



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