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                     Graphic - course outline Graphic Design - Course Outline

Learn in 6 hours for ONLY $300  Graphic design with PhotoShop. Anyone with a basic understanding of Windows and the Internet may attend. We provide on-site group or one-to-one training. Our hands-on customize courseware with step-by-step instructions will allow you to have an effective educational experience. Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

PhotoShop  ~ Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

      Photoshop Basics
        Photoshop Screen Overview
        Change Image Modes and Views
        Manipulate Palettes
        Use Color Picker
        Use Custom Color
      Toolbox and Selections
        Select Tools and Options
        Save Selection as Channel
        Load a Channel as a Selection
      Work with Layers and Types
        Create a Layered Image
        Transform Layers
        Create a Type
        Edit Type Layers
        Use Type Mask Tools
      Use of Image and Special Effects
        Change an Image
        Use Guides and Grids
        Create a Feathered Effect
        Work with Gradients
        Apply Filters

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