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                    html HTML - Course Outline

Learn in 6 hours for ONLY $300  Introduction, Intermediate or Advance HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Anyone with a basic understanding of the Internet and the web may attend. We provide on-site group or one-to-one training. Our hands-on customize courseware with step-by-step instructions will allow you to have an effective educational experience. Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

Introduction to HTML  ~ Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

      Overview of HTML
        Origins of HTML
        Create & Save HTML Document
      Use of HTML Tags and Inline Images
        Body Tags
        Text Formatting Tags
        Layout Tags
        Logical Tags
        Horizontal Rules & Font Tags
        Insert & Align JPEG Image
        Insert & Align GIF Image
      Creating Hyperlinks
        Create External link
        Create a link within your website
        Create a link to a JPEG file within your website
      Use of HTML Tables
        Create an HTML Table
        Modify an HTML Table
        Insert JPEG File into Table

   Intermediate HTML ~ Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

      Intermediate HTML Tables
        Create a complex Table
        Use Tables for Page Layout
        Adding Whitespace with Table Cells
      Use Of Frames
        Frame Tag Overview
        Create Frame
        Create a Frameset
      Use of Forms
        Form Tag Overview
        Create a Form
        Add Buttons and Check Boxes
        Create Free-Form Text Input
        Add Submit and Reset Buttons
      Processing Images for Web Pages
        Format Image
        Format GIF and JPEG Image
        Create an Animated GIF Image
        Using Tween Animated GIF Image


   Advance HTML ~ Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

      Adding Interactivity
        Add Sound to your Page
        Link to Real Media Sound
        Add Video to your Page
      Use of Script Essentials
        Getting a CGI Script
        Preparing a CGI Script
        Add Date & Time using JAVA Script
        Change Multiple Frames using JAVA Script
      Publishing Your Web Site
        Making Pages that Work on Different Browsers
        Domain Name Registration
      Hosting a Web Site Procedures and Bandwidth issues
      Tools to Upload / Download Files
      Make Web site visible to Search Engines
      Maintaining Your Web Site
      Keeping Track of your Web Site
      Keeping Content Current
      Keeping Track of Links

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