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                     powerpoint - course outline Microsoft PowerPoint - Course Outline

Learn in 6 hours for ONLY $300  Beginning, Intermediate or Advance MS-PowerPoint. Anyone with a basic understanding of Windows, Word, and the Internet may attend. We provide on-site group or one-to-one training. Our hands-on customize courseware with step-by-step instructions will allow you to have an effective educational experience. Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

Beginning MS-PowerPoint  ~ Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

      PowerPoint Basics
        PowerPoint Screen Overview
        Using Help
        Create & Save Presentation
      Working With Text
        Edit Presentation Slides
        Add and Delete Slides
        Changing Slide Order using Slide Sorter
        Using Formatting Features
      Presentation Advanced Techniques
        Import Data Chart from Excel
        Work with Slide Masters
        Create & Edit Organization Chart
      The Final Product
        Check Spelling
        Work with Slide Show
        Print A Presentation

   Intermediate MS-PowerPoint ~ Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send anemail.

      Intermediate Features
        Create a Presentation Template
        Format Background
        Format Text
      Using WordArt
        Create a WordArt Title
        Format WordArt using Drawing Toolbar
        Using Graphics
        Create a Clip Art & Text Slide
        Arrange Clip Art on Slide
        Insert Slide from other presentation
        Use AutoShapes
      Apply Animation
        Apply Camera Effects
        Apply Custom Animation To Slide Text
        Apply Custom Animation to Graphics

   Advanced MS-PowerPoint ~ Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send anemail.

      Understand the Advanced Features of PowerPoint
        Working with Masters
        Fonts and Background
        Changing Indents and Bullets
        Add a Logo to the Master
      Work With ClipArt
        Formatting Shapes
        Adding Text to Shapes
        Free Rotate
      Work With Tables
        Insert and Format an organization Chart
        Using an Excel Spreadsheet for a Chart
      Enhance Presentations With Multimedia
        Using Sound and Film
        Rehearsing your Timings

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