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                     word - course outline Microsoft Word - Course Outline

Learn in 6 hours for ONLY $300  Beginning, Intermediate or Advance MS-Access. Anyone with a basic understanding of Windows and the Internet may attend. We provide on-site group or one-to-one training. Our hands-on customize courseware with step-by-step instructions will allow you to have an effective educational experience. Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

Beginning MS-Word  ~ Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

      Word Basics
        Word Screen Overview
        Create and Save a Document
        Manage Multiple Documents
        Use Help [Office Assistant]
        Editing and Formatting
        Insert Date and Time
        Using AutoCorrect
        Cut, Copy, and Paste Features (Copy a Word, Line, or Paragraph)
        Using Font in Format Menu
        Using Bullets Numbering in Format Menu
        Working with Margins and Tabs
        Set Margins Using Page Setup
        Set Margins Using Ruler Bar
        Using Tabs (left, center, right, decimal)
      The Final Product
        Using Spelling and Grammar
        Find and Replace Text
        Header and Footer
        Insert Picture
        Print Preview

   Intermediate MS-Word ~ Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

      Advanced Editing Tools
        Work with Wizard
        Add Special Symbols
        Apply Bullets and Numbering
      Columns and Tables
        Create and Format Columns
        Create and Format Tables
        Use Table AutoFit
        Use Table AutoFormat
      Mail Merging
        Create a Source Document
        Create a Main Document
        Print Labels
        Print Envelopes
      Introduction To Desktop Publishing
        Create Footnotes and Endnotes
        Use Bookmarks
        Create A cross-reference
        Build an Index
        Create a Table of Contents

   Advance MS-Word ~ Enroll Now, Call 1.917.723.3539 or send an email.

      Using Section Breaks and Headers & Footers
      Using Section breaks
      Insert Headers & Footers
      Format Page Number
      Using Styles, Table of Contents and Table of Authorities
      Create Style
      Create table of contents
      Create Table of Authorities
      Using Master Documents
      View Master Document
      Create Sub Document

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